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The Classics

This page contains scenarios, file downloads, and a player aid workbook specifically for the out-of-print game Advanced Third Reich and to a lesser extent Empire of the Rising Sun (including Global War, the combination of the two games) by Avalon Hill.


These supporting files are being made available out of the generosity of the administration of the Warplanner Web site for use in facilitating PBEM games, that are used in conjunction with Warplanner; allowing gamers the opportunity to take advantage of and familiarize themselves with version 2, the map and mechanics of AWAW while enjoying the Classics.


My Advanced Third Reich Campaign Game Variants has been included on this page and in the main download of Warplanner v2.8. Additionally, there is a Campaign Game Research, both the '42 and '44 Advanced Third Reich scenarios and Global War (A3R/ERS) which can be played using Warplanner v2.8.


Excerp from the A3R game box back cover:

What if... France had extended the Maginot Line to the Ardennes? Hitler had given in to Stalin in the Balkans and invaded Britain? Mussolini had appointed decent commanders? Japan had attacked Britain or Russia in 1941? German air supply capacity had lived up to Goering's boasts? Russia hadn't received aid from the West? Germany had accelerated the development of jets or V-weapons? The atomic bomb had been used during the war in Europe? YOU had been in command?

Advanced Third Reich, the ultimate strategic game, lets you answer these questions and hundreds more. Building on the framework of Avalon Hill's award-winning game The Rise And Decline Of The Third Reich, first published in 1974, Advanced Third Reich simulates the military, economic, political, diplomatic and technical aspects of the Second World War on an unprecedented scale.

Excerp from the ERS game box back cover:

What if... The American carriers had been at Pearl Harbor? Japan had won the battle of Midway? China had collapsed under Japanese pressure? Japan had invaded Australia? Russia had attacked Japan in Manchuria? Germany and Japan had cooperated against Britain or Russia? Germany's advanced submarines had been available in 1943? Roosevelt had lost the 1944 Presidential election? Hitler had developed the atomic bomb first? YOU had been in command?

Empire Of The Rising Sun, the long-awaited companion game to Advanced Third Reich, let's you answer these questions and many more. Empire Of The Rising Sun simulates the economical, political and technical aspects of the Second World War in the Pacific, and can be combined with Advanced Third Reich to recreate the entire war.

Also included are research rules for Advanced Third Reich, along with a fifth counter sheet, to allow players to secretly research air, naval, military and intelligence projects to suit their strategic needs. Both sides can also try to develop the atomic bomb, at the risk of losing the war before they achieve success in the "ultimate" research project.

The files and information below are available to registered users for download. Any feedback, comments or suggestions about this Web page will be appreciated.


Special thanks to my brother, Tony, and his support for making this page possible, to Todd Dunnavant for his efforts in retreiving the disbanded A3R AT Maelstrom.StJohns.edu discussion group posts and Chris Goldfarb for the Warplanner computer program itself, and financially maintaining/updating this Web site over the years .

Stephen Cochran