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  Chris Goldfarb, President and Architect

Chris Goldfarb is a Senior Software Engineer for the Intel Software and Solutions Group, and has been writing software for ten years. .NET has been Chris' main focus since the pre-beta bits were released, and has both developed applications and trained others on the framework. Chris has presented software engineering topics at technical conferences such as the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference, Intel Developers Group and the Portland Area .NET User Group, which he is President/Founder.

He is a board member of the Intel e-Business Group .NET Taskforce and the Technical Infrastructure committee of the International .NET Association (INETA). Chris is Microsoft Certified in .NET and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Visual C#.

Prior to joining Intel in January 2001, he engineered mission-critical applications for the United States Air Force, United States Strategic Command. Primarily using Java, C++, and Ada, these applications included early-warning, ballistic missile flight path, and nuclear readiness assessment systems.
Special Thanks To...

Eric Scheulin
Eric has been playing the various versions of Third Reich since about 1973, when he played with his father and brother at the age 8. Eric joined in helping with Bruce Harper's Global War 2000 in 1999, which joined the Third Reich and Empire of the Rising Sun and became published by GMT as A World at War in the summer of 2003. In 2000, Eric volunteered to help with WP version 1 with the upgrades to Global War 2000. Eric is a pilot with a major US airline, and while not a software developer by trade, has spent countless hours providing help implementing a number of bug fixes and features. Replay automation, oil manager, and combat groups/battlespace are among Eric's notable achievements.

James K. Sparks Jr
Jim Sparks is a Fulfillment Support Technician for the National Education Association. Jim is a regular AWAW convention attendee, Warplanner assistant programer & tester, an AWAW Playtester, AWAW tutor, Ultra article contributor, and soon to be a Gathering Storm playtester. Jim has partnered with several different teammates over the years at the convention: Rob Carl, Keven Leith, Hebert Gratz, Mike Crowe, Dave Hanson & David Middleton. Jim has partnered at Origins (w/ Rob Carl) and Avaloncon (w/ David Middleton) in the same year for A3R tournament wins. Jim partnered with David Middleton for their Global War win.