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Kevin Meagher's Feedback

These opponents had the following to say about Kevin:

Game #OpponentSubmittedRatingComment
666~ Zep8/9/2006 2:59:03 PM9The only reason that Kevin does not get a 10 from me is that he was ALWAYS successful with his 1:1 attacks. Otherwise, he is a great sport, quick responder and a knowledgeable player. Very enjoyable competition.
797~ Zep9/4/2006 7:50:12 PM10Once again, great sportmanship and fighting prowess distinguish Kevin as a top player.
591myles1/1/2007 4:56:41 PM10Great player, fun games, flexible, fair.
880~ Zep5/26/2007 5:49:28 PM10What a guy!!! I like the ones that make me cry.
868Todd Dunnavant8/8/2007 12:43:57 AM10Kevin is a challenging opponent (see his rating!), but he always is willing to help the lesser player learn. He always behaves with class and dignity, even while he is destroying your game position.
577Steffen Vogdrup3/30/2008 6:19:55 AM10Kevin is a great guy. Looking forward to K vs. S III :)
886Todd Dunnavant11/12/2009 9:06:55 PM10Kevin is a pleasure to play against. He is an incredibly strong strategist and tactician, and he is reasonably humble when he whips you :-)
1086Todd Dunnavant11/12/2009 9:08:22 PM10Kevin is a lot of fun to play against, because of the challenge he offers. You learn a lot against him -- if you make a mistake, be assured that he will find it and exploit it!
1149~ Zep5/19/2010 9:04:56 AM10Once again Kevin has showed me how its done. The good part is that he makes it fun when he serves up death! Thanks for being a great sport.
1163Todd Dunnavant7/8/2010 4:51:49 PM10Kevin continues to be one of my favorite opponents and partners. He is a master of the game, always presenting me with new challenges and strategies to work against. In addition, he is a "true gentleman" in his play.
657myles10/27/2010 12:40:53 PM10Maybe the best player I have ever faced. He is 2:1 vs me. I''d like to make that 2:2 someday.
1285Mark Traylor2/1/2012 9:05:46 PM10Outstanding - anticipates, sets conditions 2-3 turns ahead, accepts risk
1300Mark Traylor9/14/2012 7:17:26 AM10 
1383Mark Traylor10/2/2014 10:13:35 PM10Once again, Kevin proved himself able to play conceptually two or three turns ahead and not be too aggressive. A very enjoyable game, albeit short. The Axis could have been contenders, they could have been somebody!
1392Mark Traylor11/26/2014 12:00:17 PM10Again, Kevin demonstrated thinking ahead to enable accomplishment of a pre-identified campaign plan. This time he chose to suppress Britain significantly prior to focusing on Russia. Disruption of the Allied position in the Med via a good diplomatic result in Spain, isolation of Gibraltar, Persian revolt that seized Iraq, and an amphibious invasion of Port Said that cut full supply kept that front in turmoil, despite early Allied success. Everything was clicking, from research to tactical outcomes, so Fa42 was a generous extension of this game prior to declaration of Axis victory!
1475Todd Dunnavant9/9/2018 10:08:49 AM10Kevin is one of a small group of players (Mark Traylor being the other) with whom I''ve had a running series of games for what seems like 10 years! I''m always learning from Kevin (he''s very good!). Even when he destroys us, he does it in a very gentlemanly manner!