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What is Warplanner?

In the beginning, there was a lone board wargamer who wanted to play Advanced Third Reich but didn't have opponents locally. Through the A3R mailing list, he got in touch with Mike Stone, who ran a Play-by-Email ladder. To partipate, all you needed were text-based PBEM templates; you'd move a unit on your board, then type in the hex where a unit started, and the hex where it ended and send the email. Your opponent would get the email, and move the pieces on his board. This was just one level above kidney stones in the pain index and so I went about creating a simple tool. Over time, with support from others including Dave Casper, Eric Scheulin, and Markus Kassbohrer, we have the product you see today - Warplanner (WP for short).

WP is and has always been a free program first dedicated for A3R and now dedicated to GMT Game's A World At War (AWAW), designed by Bruce Harper. In simplest terms, WP allows users to play the board game over the Internet. Users conduct their moves separately, and email the turns back and forth with their opponents and teammates. WP provides a number of capabilities tailored for AWAW, including shipyards, diplomacy, and password-protected taskforces, as well as an integrated die roller which displays results on this website. Rich features like a phase-based replay, hex factor counting and more means it's easier than ever to play AWAW with opponents from around the world.